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CNBSolutions is your premier partner for engineering and  manufacturing
outsourcing in China. We are a one-stop solution for companies with high
requirements and exact specifications. Quality is never compromised in
order to deliver a product.

Current industries include solar, wind, alternative power generation,
medical, automotive and marine. We also manufacture products for Fuel
Cell power plants across 5 provinces in China. Our manufacturing
expertise has implemented and fabricated most of the connecting parts
and sealing sections for personal submarines certified to dive up to 75
meters. All of these products passed first article the first time and moved
directly into production.

Our mechanical and electronic engineers can work closely with your staff
in order to fully optimize a solution for your manufacturing requirements.
Specialized areas of expertise that we can design for are precision
bellows, expansion joints, electronics wiring and assembly, tool, die, and
mold making, casting, forging and machining, pressure vessels and heat
exchangers for the power generation industries.

We support renewable energy.

Our goal is to become one of the leaders in quality solar and wind energy
systems in the global market. A service and quality oriented renewable
energy company that provides the guidance and education clients need
to understand their energy options and incentives.

CNBSolutions knows that growing energy demands are putting an
increasing burden on the average consumer. As the worlds energy
usages increase and continues to deplete it’s resources it is only natural
to turn to sources that will never pollute or expire, solar and wind.

We are continuing to expand in wind and solar to meet growing energy
demands through continuous development of systems.

Our experienced and forward-minded engineering staff continually stays
informed about the latest technology in renewable engineering concepts
and techniques. Sales and administration are equally involved with
projects that promote green building and environmental concepts,
designs and products, as well as networking within the community and
vendors to achieve a true partnership in the renewable energy markets.
Your partner for manufacturing in China!
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