Quality Assurance

CNBS's quality and production engineers minimize chances for problems at the onset by reviewing all drawings and
requirements with the manufacturer and developing control charts for every step involved in the fabrication of your
product. Once each process is validated out and samples are qualified, this manufacturing process does not deviate.
Any deviations that would occur would only be after the customer has been notified and has agreed that the process
change will not affect the quality of the product.

What creates quality in a product?

•        Designed process controls in manufacturing
•        Intelligent operators
•        Continuous feedback
•        Flagged process variation

Quality cannot be inspected into a product. Our Quality Assurance  and Engineering group work to identify issues, flag
problems and isolate key characteristics that need to be controlled. Preventative measures are the simplest way to
reduce costs downstream.

During the manufacturing process, all areas of the process are checked periodically according to pre-determined
schedules. This starts at the beginning, when material is inspected and lab tested for conformity to customer
requirements, to completion when parts undergo functional and dimensional testing.

Each stage is documented and customized reporting schedules are available upon request.

Quality personnel have certifications in ISO9001 and TS16949 standards. Personnel undergo continual training to
ensure that we are always improving as an organization, both in our skills and the service that we provide for our

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