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CNBSolutions, Limited engineering, quality and project management staff have experience in design, implementation,
and manufacturing of a wide range of products. These products include numerous automotive applications, marine,
personal submarines, and clean energy power generation.
We support renewable energy!

Our strengths lie in our ability to work with, source, and implement products with special materials and
applications that are not normally used in commercial products.

Once we have worked out the manufacturability of your product we then work with the manufacturer to optimize their
production line. This allows the manufacture to produce the products with the most efficient way possible with out
wasting unnecessary resources on wasted processes. By doing this we not only can leverage the best possible
pricing but allow greater visibility of the manufacturing steps so any possible sources of problems can be immediately

A stable product and good quality does not result from inspection. This is a direct result of the manufacturing
process and it's stability. If you can repeat the exact conditions that created the first good unit, then the last unit off
the line should have all the characteristics of the first good unit.

Please download one of our documents for an overview of a specific capability.
Capabilities and Specialties
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