Precision Bellows / Expansion Joints
Bellows are a special elastic mechanical component which can counter act undesired material stresses caused by the
thermal expansion/shrinking of pipes exposed to temperature variation or vibration. Bellows also can reduce the
unpleasant noise from mechanical vibrations. Bellows and bellow assemblies are widely applied in the following
industries: power generation, nuclear, aviation, marine, oil-refinery, chemical, medicine, food-processing, paper,
dyeing, metallurgy, railway and automobile etc.

CNBSolutions offers our global customers specific small size precision hydro-formed metal bellows and bellow
assemblies, with high quality and excellent performance at a competitive price. We design and manufacture bellows in
accordance with EJMA standards, ANSI B31.1, ASME B& PV Section III, GB/T12777, GB150, JB/T81~83, GB16749 and

Whether you are supporting an existing product, have a design in progress, or are working on a new application, our
expert engineers can help you design, optimize, prototype and manufacture your bellows in the timeliest, most efficient
and cost-effective fashion.

You don't have to choose from a standard line of components - we custom engineer our bellows to your
Material Type
SUS304 / SUS304L (0Cr18Ni9
/ 0Cr19Ni10)
Good corrosion/oxidation and heat
resistant properties at relatively low
cost, excellent low temperature
        Tanks and
containers for a large
variety of liquids and
        Process
equipment in the mining,
chemical, cryogenic,
food, dairy and
pharmaceutical industries
SUS316 / SUS316L
(0Cr17Ni12Mo2 /
Much increased corrosion resistance in
chloride-contaminated media, sea water
and acetic acid vapor, good
atmospheric corrosion resistance in
polluted marine atmospheres.
Higher strength and better creep
resistance at higher temperatures than
SUS304, excellent mechanical and
corrosion properties at sub-zero
        Tanks and
storage vessels for
corrosive liquids.
        Processing
equipment in the
chemical, food, paper,
mining, pharmaceutical
and petroleum industries.
        Architectural
applications in highly
corrosive environments
SUS321 / TP321 /  1Cr18Ni9Ti
Higher bending fatigue strength and
anticorrosion, good welding
performance, excellent resistance to
oxidation and corrosion, applicable in
the temperature range of up to about
900°C, combining high strength,
resistance to scaling and phase stability
with resistance to subsequent aqueous
        Aircraft exhaust
        High temperature
mineral processing
        Burner pipes and
flues system
        Heavy duty
automotive exhaust
        High temperature
boiler , heat exchanger,
pressure vessels
        Oil Refinery
SUS310 / 0Cr20Ni25
Excellent high temperature properties
with good ductility and weldability, is
designed for high temperature service.
Itresists oxidation in continuous service
at temperatures up to 1150°C
provided reducing sulphur gases are
not present
        Furnace
        Oil burner
        Carburising boxes
        Heat Treatment
baskets and jigs
        Heat Exchangers
        Welding filler wire
and electrodes
Material selection is highly dependent on the application's specific requirements. Corrosion resistance, maximum
pressure, life cycles, joining method and spring rate need to be taken into account.

Below is a list of materials and their performance specifications
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