About Us

CNBSolutions is a premier manufacturing and outsourcing 1-stop solution for companies with high requirements and exact
specifications that must be met. Quality is never compromised in order to deliver a product.

CNBSolutions does not represent any manufacturers. Instead, focus and loyalty are only to the customer. This ensures
that there are no conflicts when it comes to quality and delivery expectations. If an existing manufacture is deemed not a fit
we will identify and qualify a manufacturer that will be able to meet and exceed customers expectations.

Many of our customers have proprietary information that they want protected. All manufacturers are screened and sign
confidentiality agreements before any information is shared with them. This includes all of CNBS personnel. We  make sure
that you maintain your competative advantage by protecting your design. Your success equals our success.

CNBSolutions Limited is an American owned company incorporated in Hong Kong.

Our main office is located in Zhuhai City in the south China province of Guangdong. In September 2007 we also opened a
branch office in Pasadena, California.

After 4 years in operation, we have established partnerships with top industry leaders in the automotive, marine, and clean
energy power generation sectors. We now have a long list of satisfied customers, some of whom experience cost
reductions upwards of 75% from their domestic suppliers.

CNBSolutions has a team of skilled engineers and quality control staff that has years of experience working with companies
with specific requirements and tolerances that cannot be deviated from. CNBSolutions has access to an array of global
engineering and testing standards, with complete design and modeling capabilities.

Customers tell us the quality of CNBS products, engineering, and communication support exceeds that of their local
suppliers, at a fraction of the price.

Many of our specific capabilities are not listed on this site due to protection of our customers information. We
would be happy to go in more detail on how we can best serve your needs on an individual basis.
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